First time home buyers

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First time home buyers

Being a first time home buyer is an exciting experience, it's can also be scary and stressful. Some things that you should think about when buying a home is, realistically how much can you afford? You don't want to be struggling every month to pay the mortgage. Be sure you have enough in the bank for closing costs, some home buyers get surprised when they find out they need a couple of thousand dollars more. Pay for a home inspection. It might seem like just another expense, but it's worth it.

Another thing that first time home buyers might not realize is the amount of paperwork you will be signing at the closing. It can be scary, you may feel like you're signing your life away. We all have to do it, take a deep breath and try to relax. Speaking of the closing, that sometimes gets postponed, it might be a needed paper isn't ready yet, someone didn't dot an I, whatever it is, it's very annoying to be all ready to sign the papers, only to get a call that it's been postponed Go into it knowing this, that way you won't be so disappointed and if it doesn't happen to you, it will be a happy surprise.



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